How to set up Java

This short procedure describes how to set up a Java environment to be used with Genero.

  1. Download the latest JDK from your preferred Java provider. On production sites, you only need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
  2. Install the package by following the vendor installation notes.
  3. Configure your environment for Java Native Interface (JNI) support:
    • In a development or runtime environment, on Unix-based platforms (including macOS®) and on Microsoft™ Windows®, define the JAVA_HOME environment variable, to allow fglrun and fglcomp to find the Java Runtime library ( or JVM.DLL). Defining LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Unix or PATH on Microsoft Windows to find the Java runtime library is not required.
    • In a development environment, set the PATH environment variable to find the Java tools (javac, java).
    • See also Platform-specific notes for the JVM
  4. Set the CLASSPATH or pass the --java-option=-Djava.class.path=<pathlist> option to fglrun with the directories of the Java packages you want to use. You must add $FGLDIR/lib/fgl.jar to the class path in order to compile Java code with language specific classes such as com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal or com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglRecord.
  5. Try your JDK by compiling a small Java sample and executing it.