Using the DECIMAL type

When calling a Java method with an expression evaluating to a DECIMAL, the runtime system converts the DECIMAL value to an instance of the com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal class implemented in $FGLDIR/lib/fgl.jar. You can then manipulate the DECIMAL from within the Java code.

You must add $FGLDIR/lib/fgl.jar to the class path in order to compile Java code with com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal class.

The com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal class implements the following methods shown in the table:

Table 1. Methods of the com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal class
Method Description
static int encodeTypeQualifier(
  int precision,
  int scale)
Returns the encoded type qualifier for this decimal based on precision and scale.

encoded qualifier = (precision * 256) + scale

Use 255 as scale for floating point decimal.

java.lang.String toString()
Converts the DECIMAL value to a String object.
static FglDecimal valueOf(int val)
Creates a new FglDecimal object from an int value.
static FglDecimal valueOf(
  java.lang.String val)
Creates a new FglDecimal object from a String object representing a decimal value.
In the Java code, you can convert the com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal to a java.lang.BigDecimal as in the following example:
public static FglDecimal divide(FglDecimal d1, FglDecimal d2){
    BigDecimal bd1 = new BigDecimal(d1.toString());
    BigDecimal bd2 = new BigDecimal(d2.toString());
    BigDecimal res = bd1.divide(bd2, BigDecimal.ROUND_FLOOR);
    return FglDecimal.valueOf(res.toString());
If you need to create a com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal object in your program, you can use the valueOf() class method as in this example:
IMPORT JAVA com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal
  DEFINE jdec com.fourjs.fgl.lang.FglDecimal
  LET jdec = FglDecimal.valueOf("123.45")
  DISPLAY jdec.toString()