fgl_ws_server_start() (version 1.3)

Creates and starts the Web services server.


This function is valid for backward compatibility, but is not a preferred way to handle Genero Web Services. See the com package for the preferred classes and methods for handling Web services.


   tcpPort VARCHAR )
  1. tcpPort is a string representing either:
    • the socket port number (for a single Web Service server)

    • the host and port value separated by a colon (for a Web Service server connecting to an application server). The value of port is an offset beginning at 6400.

If the FGLAPPSERVER environment variable is set, the tcpPort value is ignored, and replaced by the value of FGLAPPSERVER.


For development or testing purposes, you may start a Web Service server as a single server where only one request at a time will be able to be processed. For deployment, you may start a Web Service server with an application server able to handle several connections at one time using a load-balancing algorithm. The value of the parameter passed to the function determines which method is used.


To start a standalone Web Service server:

 CALL fgl_ws_server_start("8080") # A single Server is listening
                                  # on port number: 8080

To start a Web Service server attempting to connect to an application server:

 CALL fgl_ws_server_start("zeus:5") # The server attempt to connect
                                    # to an application server located
                                    # on host zeus and listening
                                    # on the port number 6405

Possible runtime errors

  • -15514: PORT_NOT_NUMERIC
  • -15515: NO_AS_FOUND
  • -15516: LICENSE_ERROR