Generating globals file for GWS server

Use the fglwsdl -legacy tool option to generate legacy code (Genero 3.20 or prior) for the server stub from a WSDL.

This command gets the WSDL information for the Calculator Service defined in Example 1: Writing the entire server application using the -legacy option of the fglwsdl tool. This allows you to generate a globals file and a stub file.
fglwsdl -s -legacy -soap12 -o ws_calculator http://localhost:8090/Calculator?WSDL

The -s option specifies the command generates server stubs to be used in a GWS server application. It generates two files, adding "Service" to the file names generated:

  • - the globals file, containing declarations of global variables that can be used as input or output to functions accessing the Web Service operations. In our example, the file is
    This file must be listed in a GLOBALS statement at the top of any .4gl modules that you write for your GWS Server application. For example:
    GLOBALS ""
  • filename.4gl - containing a function that creates the service described in the WSDL, publishes the operations of the service, and registers the service. In our example, the file is ws_calculatorService.4gl.

    This file must be compiled and imported into your GWS Server application.

It is not advised to modify these files.