Generating stub file for a GWS server

Use the fglwsdl -s tool server option to generate the BDL server stub from a WSDL.

You can write a Genero Web Services server application for a Web Service that you have created; see Tutorial: Writing a Server Application.

If you want to make sure your Web Service is compatible with that of a third-party (an accounting application vendor, for example), you use the server stub option of the fglwsdl command to obtain the WSDL information that complies with that vendor's standards, and to generate corresponding file that can be used in your GWS server application.

You must provide the name of the GWS service module (serviceImp in the sample) where the service finds the functions for the operations at runtime.

The output option (-o) specifies the base name for the stub file ("ws_calculator" in the sample). fglwsdl adds "Service" to the file name generated. In our example, the file will be named ws_calculatorService.4gl
fglwsdl -s serviceImp -o ws_calculator http://localhost:8090/Calculator?WSDL
For an more information on this command see Generate server stub file.

The generated file contains a function that creates the service described in the WSDL, publishes the operations of the service, and registers the service.

This file must be compiled and imported into your GWS Server application.