Loads the given XML document with ds:X509Data as root node in a CryptoX509 object.


   doc xml.DomDocument )
  1. doc defines a xml.DomDocument object.


This method loads an XML document with ds:X509Data based on the XML-Signature specification as root node in a CryptoX509 object. See the w3.org site for more information on the XML-Signature specification for ds:X509Data as root node.

If the X509 certificate is incomplete, the certificate will be created from the application global certificate list if one of SubjectName or Issuer matches. (See xml.KeyStore.addCertificate for more details.)

In case of error, the method throws an exception and sets the status variable. Depending on the error, a human-readable description of the problem is available in the sqlca.sqlerrm register. See Error handling in GWS calls (status).