The gICAPI.onFlushData() function is executed when the front-end must send the field value to the program.

Purpose of gICAPI.onFlushData()

The gICAPI.onFlushData() function is called when the front-end must sync the WEBCOMPONENT field content with the program.

This occurs when the WEBCOMPONENT field loses the focus, or when calling gICAPI.Action().

If the gICAPI.onFlushData() function is not implemented, the front-end will use the value set from the last gICAPI.SetData() call.

Sending values with gICAPI.onFlushData()

In the gICAPI.onFlushData() function, use gICAPI.SetData() to provide the value to be send to the runtime system.

The gICAPI.onFlushData() function is called when the gICAPI framework requires a field value synchronization, or after gICAPI.Action() is called, to let you provide the value.

After a gICAPI.onFlushData(), the value is sent to program for validation. The runtime system can accept or reject the field value change. In order to detect that the runtime has accepted the value, the gICAPI.onData() function will be called, with the same value as the value provided by gICAPI.SetData(). The web component then receives an indication that the VM has accepted the value change. Note that gICAPI.onData() is also fired when the web component value is changed by the program.

Details about the behavior of gICAPI.onFlushData()

Consider the following facts when implementing gICAPI.onFlushData():
  1. If the WEBCOMPONENT field is focused, executing an action will trigger gICAPI.onFlushData()
  2. If the WEBCOMPONENT field is focused, and the front-end gives the focus to another element, gICAPI.onFlushData() will be executed.
  3. Perform a gICAPI.SetData() call in gICAPI.onFlushData() when needed (for example, if the value of the WEBCOMPONENT field has changed and needs to be sent to the program)
  4. Do not use other gICAPI functions such as gICAPI.Action() or gICAPI.SetFocus() in the gICAPI.onFlushData() function.
  5. The code inside gICAPI.onFlushData() must be non-blocking and should execute rapidely.


The following code example defines the gICAPI.onFlushData() function to provide the content on a textarea element:

var onICHostReady = function(version) {


    gICAPI.onFlushData = function() {
        var field1 = document.getElementById("field1");
        gICAPI.SetData( field1.value );