Produces an SVG "tspan" element.


   x STRING,
   y STRING,
   dx STRING,
   dy STRING,
   style STRING,
   content STRING )
  RETURNS om.DomNode
  1. x defines the X position of the tspan element.
  2. y defines the Y position of the tspan element .
  3. dx defines the delta-X for horizontal positioning of the tspan element.
  4. dy defines the delta-Y for vertical positioning of the tspan element.
  5. style defines the in-line style to be applied on the tspan element.
  6. content is the actual text.


This function creates a "tspan" SVG DOM element from the parameters.

A tspan element can be used to draw multiple lines of text in SVG.

The DOM nodes created by this function must be added to a "text" element produced by the text() function.


DEFINE root_svg, t om.DomNode
LET t = fglsvgcanvas.text(NULL,200,NULL,"style_2")
CALL root_svg.appendChild( t )
CALL t.appendChild( fglsvgcanvas.tspan(120,NULL,NULL,30,NULL,"First line" ) ) 
CALL t.appendChild( fglsvgcanvas.tspan(120,NULL,NULL,30,NULL,"Second line" ) )