Returns the bounding box of an SVG element.


getBBox( cid SMALLINT, id STRING )
     RETURNS t_svg_rect
  1. cid is the SVG canvas id, as returned by fglsvgcanvas.create().
  2. id identifies the SVG element from which the bounding box is got.


This function returns the bounding box of the SVG element identified by the id parameter.

The values returned are x, y, width and height (in the current user space).

The values returned by getBBox() can be held in a record variable defined with the t_svg_rect type.

If no SVG element is found, the values returned will be NULL.


DEFINE rect fglsvgcanvas.t_svg_rect
ON ACTION get_bbox
   CALL fglsvgcanvas.getBBox(cid, "label_23") RETURNING rect.*
   DISPLAY rect.x, rect.y, rect.width, rect.height