Opens a dialog window to get a file to be read on the front-end workstation.



This feature is deprecated, its use is discouraged although not prohibited.

   dirname STRING,
   typename STRING,
   extlist STRING,
   caption STRING )
  1. dirname is the default path to be displayed in the dialog window.
  2. typename is the name of the file type to be displayed.
  3. extlist is a blank-separated list of file extensions defining the file type.
  4. caption is the label to be displayed.


This function opens a dialog window to let the user select a file path on the front-end workstation file system, in order to open the file.

The function returns the file path on success.

The function returns NULL if a problem has occurred or if the user canceled the dialog.

The function must be called after the front-end connection has been established. Do not use this function when using another front-end as the Genero Desktop Client (GDC).