Multi-row selection and tree-views

Multi-row selection can be used with a DISPLAY ARRAY controlling a TREE container.

Due to the tree-view ergonomic differences with regular table containers, the selection of tree nodes follows some specific rules:

  • When selecting a range of nodes, only visible nodes will get the selection flag. For example, if you select all nodes with Ctrl-A, and if the root node is collapsed, only the root node will be selected. This applies also when selecting nodes by program with the DIALOG.setSelectionRange().
  • When the DISPLAY ARRAY controlling the tree-view implements dynamic filling, collapsing a parent node will de-select all child nodes, as these are removed from the data model.
Figure: Treeview container with multiple selected rows

Screenshot of treeview using multi-row selection

See Multiple row selection for details about enabling multi-row selection in a DISPLAY ARRAY.