Using ROWID columns

Automatic ROWID columns is not a common database feature.

Rowids are implicit primary keys generated by the database engine. Not all database servers support rowids:

Table 1. Database server support of rowid
Database Server Type Rowid keyword Rowid type ROWID support
IBM® Informix® ROWID INTEGER Yes, native SQL feature
Microsoft™ SQL Server No N/A No, see details
Oracle® MySQL / MariadDB No N/A No, see details
Oracle Database Server ROWID CHAR(18) Yes, see details
PostgreSQL No internal type No, see details
SAP HANA® No N/A No, see details
SQLite ROWID BIGINT Yes, see details
Dameng® ROWID CHAR(18) Yes, see details

Informix fills the sqlca.sqlerrd[6] register with the ROWID of the last updated row. This register is an INTEGER and cannot be filled with rowids having CHAR(size) type.

Search for ROWID and sqlca.sqlerrd[6] in your code and review the code to remove the usage of rowids.

Instead of using ROWID pseudo columns, consider to define PRIMARY KEY constraints in all your database tables, and use the primary key values instead of rowids to identify rows. To fill the primary key value when inserting a new row, use a SEQUENCE.