What are the supported IBM Informix SQL features?

Genero BDL was first designed for IBM® Informix® database servers. The answer to this question is: Every SQL feature that is not listed in the other sections of this chapter.

The following list gives an idea of the IBM Informix SQL elements you can use with Genero BDL:

  • Database connection control instructions (DATABASE, CONNECT). See Connections, with DB user authentication.
  • Transaction control instructions and concurrency settings (BEGIN WORK, SET ISOLATION). See Transactions.
  • Basic, portable data types (lNT, BIGINT, DECIMAL, CHAR, VARCHAR, DATE, DATETIME, TEXT, BYTE, etc). See data types.
  • SERIAL, BIGSERIAL with last generated serial in sqlca.sqlerrd[2] after INSERT.
  • Common Data Definition Language statements (CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE, etc). See Static SQL.
  • Common Data Manipulation Language statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc). See Static SQL.
  • Cursors declared with SELECT ... FOR UPDATE, with or without the WITH HOLD option.
  • Result set handling with cursors (DECLARE / OPEN / FETCH / CLOSE / FREE). See Result Sets.
  • Positioned UPDATEs and DELETEs (UPDATE/DELETE WHERE CURRENT OF). See Positioned Updates.
  • Cursors to insert rows (DECLARE / OPEN / PUT / FLUSH). See Insert Cursors.
  • Stored procedure calls. See SQL Programming.
  • SQL statement interruption. See Using SQL interruption.
  • SQL execution status and error messages (sqlca, SQLSTATE). See Connections.
  • Global Language Support with single and multibyte character sets for CHAR/ VARCHAR data storage. See Localization.
  • LOAD and UNLOAD utility statements. See I/O SQL instructions.
  • Database schema extraction to define program variables LIKE database columns. See Database Schema.