Returns the title of the HTML doc rendered by a web component.


ui.Interface.frontCall("webcomponent", "getTitle",
  [aui-name], [result] )
  1. aui-name - This is the name of the web component in the AUI tree.
  2. result - Holds the title of the HTML document.


This front call can be used to get the title of the HTML document that is rendered by the web component identified by the aui-name. For more details refer to http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_title.asp.

A typical usage of this front call is when implementing a web component based on the O-Auth mechanism to identify the current user. For example, with the Google accounts authentication service, after the login and password have been validated by Google, the authentication token is returned in the title of the HTML document. This token is typically used by the application to identify the user in remote API calls.