Returns the number of pending Cordova plugin results.


ui.Interface.frontCall("cordova", "getCallbackDataCount",
  [], [count])
  1. count - Holds the number of pending results.


When initiating an asynchronous Cordova plugin front call with callWithoutWaiting, results are stored in the result queue when the Cordova function terminates, and a cordovacallback action is fired if the current dialog defines a corresponding ON ACTION handler.

The getCallbackDataCount front call returns the number of results currently in the result queue, for all asynchronous Cordova plugin front calls initiated by a callWithoutWaiting.

It is then possible to implement a FOR loop to retrieve all results with the getCallbackData front call.

In case of an error, the front call raises a runtime error -6333 that can be caught with TRY/CATCH or WHENEVER ERROR.
Note: Use the err_get() function, to identify the reason of the error. For more details about front call error handling, see ui.Interface.frontCall().


CALL ui.Interface.frontCall("cordova", "getCallbackDataCount",
        [], [cnt])