Front calls changes

Modifications to consider when using front calls.

session.* front call are desupported

The session.setVar and session.getVar front calls are no longer supported in Genero 3.10: The session front calls rely on the GAS "wa" protocol (html5Proxy). This protocol is only supported only by GWC-HTML5 client. html5Proxy is no longer delivered in Genero 3.10.

In order to store information on the front-end side, use the localStorage front calls. For more details, see New localStorage frontcalls.


The standard.setWebComponentPath front call is deprecated in Genero BDL 3.10. To deploy your web components, consider using the solutions described in Deploying the gICAPI web component files.

standard.feInfo: outputMap

Starting with Genero BDL 3.10, the outputMap information can no longer be used with the standard.feInfo front call.

standard.cbSet supported by GBC

Since GBC 1.00.35, the GBC supports the standard.cbSet front call.

mobile.isForeground to check app foreground mode

Since Genero BDL 3.10.11 (GMA 1.30.10, GMI 1.30.11), the mobile.isForeground front call can be used to check if the app is in foreground mode.

For more details, see mobile.isForeground front call.