Program stop error message box

In GUI mode, runtime errors stopping the program are now displayed to the end user.

Starting with Genero 3.10.11, when using the GUI mode, runtime errors that stop the program execution are displayed to the end user in a pop-up message box.


Runtime errors stopping the program execution are either non-trappable errors, or trappable errors that occur in code pieces not protected by WHENEVER or TRY/CATCH.

It is now much easier to identify the reason of the error stopping the program. Before this feature, a error stopping the program could not be seen by the end user, and the program windows just disappear with any further feedback. The only way to identify the problem was to inspect the fglrun output or errorlog on the application server.

The end user can now take a screenshot and report the issue to the application provider.


This new behavior is also available with older front-end versions.

Feature extension: Starting with version 3.20.11, an FGLPROFILE entry can define a generic/static message to be displayed to the end user, to overwrite the original error message and hide issue details. See Default exception handling.