MySQL client library version change in MySQL 5.5.11

Shared library version number of the MySQL client library must match the library used to link the ODI driver.

Starting with Oracle® MySQL 5.5.11, the client library version number was changed from 16 to 18. In fact the file was renamed to From a cross-5.5.x compatibility point of view, this may not be the best thing to do, since the major shared library version has changed, client applications using the C API (such as Genero ODI MySQL drivers) need to be recompiled and re-linked in order to use the latest library.

In Genero version 2.40, the dbmmys55x ODI driver is linked with on the platforms where MySQL 5.5.11+ is available. That is: Linux®, Solaris and macOS® platforms, when writing these lines. On other UNIX™ platforms such as HP, the client library is still This may change in future Genero versions, following the availability of MySQL 5.5.11+ versions.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the MySQL 5.5 version you have installed. You need to upgrade your MySQL 5.5 client software to match the client library used to build the shared library. On Linux, you can run the ldd command to check what version is required. If it's not possible to upgrade your MySQL client software, please contact the support channel.