Searching for image files on the application server

For security reasons, the image file transfer mechanism has been slightly modified in version 2.20.

(This modification has also been back-ported in 2.11.14):

If FGLIMAGEPATH is set, the current working directory is no longer searched as in previous versions. You must explicitly add "." to the list of directories. By default, if FGLIMAGEPATH is not defined, the runtime system still searches the current directory.

If FGLIMAGEPATH is defined, the image files used in IMAGE form fields or in the IMAGE attribute must be located below one of the directories listed in the environment variable. This constraint does not exist if FGLIMAGEPATH is not set and has been relaxed in 2.21.00 for image fields displayed by program.

Starting with 2.21.00, images displayed by program to IMAGE fields are considered as valid files to be transferred to the clients without risk and do not follow the FGLIMAGEPATH security restrictions. Images are however searched for in the path list defined in FGLIMAGEPATH.