Form items

The concept of form item includes all elements used in the definition of a form.

What is a form item?

A form item can be an input field such as an EDIT field, a push BUTTON, a GROUPBOX, or a TABLE container. A form item can also be an element of a TOOLBAR, TOPMENU, and ACTION DEFAULTS definition.

Form item types

A form item is defined by its type, called a form item type. For example, a form field can be an EDIT, or a COMBOBOX. A form layout container can be a GROUP, or a GRID. A toolbar item can be an ITEM or a SEPARATOR.

For a detailed description, see Form item types.

Defining a form item

In a GRID container, form items (typically, form fields) must be defined with a form tag in the LAYOUT section, bound by the tag name to a definition in the ATTRIBUTES section.

The form tag defines the position and length of the form item, while the appearance and the behavior of the form item is defined by a set of attributes in the ATTRIBUTES section:
   [f1            ]
EDIT f1 = customer.cust_name, ... ;

Satellite form items

Other kinds of form items are defined in the section it belongs to (for example, an ITEM element of a TOOLBAR definition).