STRETCHMAX attribute

The STRETCHMAX attribute defines the maximum stretching width for a TABLE/TREE column.


STRETCHMAX[@screen-size] = max-width
where screen-size can be:
  1. screen-size is a screen size selector that indicates when the maximum stretch width must apply, depending on the size of the screen. Several STRETCHMAX@screen-size attributes can be used for the same element.
  2. max-width is an integer that defines the maximum width of the element. This maximum width is specified as a number of cells, as in the item tag of the column.


The STRETCHMAX attribute specifies the maximum width for a TABLE/TREE column, when the STRETCH=X attribute is used by the element, or when the parent container defines the STRETCHCOLUMNS attribute.

By default, when the column is defined as horizontally stretchable, there is no maximum stretch width.

The STRETCHMAX attribute can be combined with the @screen-size selector, to get different stretch behaviors depending on the screen size.


EDIT f01 = customer.cust_name, STRETCH=X,