The DOUBLECLICK attribute defines the action for row choice on TABLE/TREE/SCROLLGRID rows.


DOUBLECLICK = action-name
  1. action-name defines the name of the action to be invoked.


The DOUBLECLICK attribute can be used in a TABLE, TREE or SCROLLGRID container, to define the action to be sent when the user chooses a row. By default, on desktop and web front-ends, when the controller is a DISPLAY ARRAY, a row choice (mouse double-click) fires the "accept" action.

The row-choice action can also be defined as DISPLAY ARRAY dialog attribute with the DOUBLECLICK option. When the DOUBLECLICK attribute is specified at the dialog level, it takes precedence over the DOUBLECLICK attribute defined in the form specification file.

The action defined by DOUBLECLICK is by default triggered by a double-click on a front-end using a mouse device, and a finger tap on mobile front-ends. On desktop and web front-ends, the physical event that triggers the row choice action can be controlled by the rowActionTrigger style attribute.

List views supporting the DOUBLECLICK attribute are TABLE, TREE and SCROLLGRID. The DOUBLECLICK attribute does not apply to simple field lists that are defined in the form layout without a parent list container.

For more details about row choice action configuration, see Defining the action for a row choice.