DISPLAY ARRAY specific attributes can be defined in the ATTRIBUTE clause of the sub-dialog header.

HELP option

The HELP attribute defines the number of the help message to be displayed when invoked and focus is in the list controlled by the DISPLAY ARRAY sub-dialog. The predefined 'help' action is automatically created by the runtime system. You can bind action views to the 'help' action.

The HELP clause overrides the HELP attribute.

COUNT option

The COUNT attribute defines the number of valid rows in the static array to be displayed as default rows. If you do not use the COUNT attribute, the runtime system cannot determine how much data to display, so the screen array remains empty. The COUNT option is ignored when using a dynamic array, unless page mode is used. In this case, the COUNT attribute must be used to define the total number of rows, because the dynamic array will only hold a page of the entire row set. If the value of COUNT is negative or zero, it defines an empty list.

See also Controlling the number of rows.


The DOUBLECLICK option can be used to define the action that will be fired when the user chooses a row from the list. Different configuration options are available to control the row selection action of desktop and mobile devices. For more details, see Defining the action for a row choice.


When the FOCUSONFIELD option is used, the DISPLAY ARRAY allows focus at the field (or cell) level. It it then possible to implement BEFORE FIELD and AFTER FIELD blocks, as well as using NEXT FIELD instructions. However, the dialog still manages a read-only list. For more details, see Field-level focus in DISPLAY ARRAY.