Defines the termcap terminal capabilities database on UNIX™ platforms.


For UNIX platforms, TERMCAP is an environment variable that defines the terminal capabilities file. This variable must be used in conjunction with TERM, when INFORMIXTERM is set to termcap, or when INFORMIXTERM is not set.

If the TERMCAP variable is not defined, Genero tries to open /etc/termap. If no /etc/termcap file exists, the runtime system uses $FGLDIR/etc/termcap. You can add more terminal definitions in this file.

TERMCAP is the older implementation of terminal capabilities database. it is recommended that you set INFORMIXTERM=terminfo.

It is important to define terminal capabilities properly for your text terminal hardware or the terminal emulation you are using. Especially function keys (F1, F16) and display attributes (bold, reverse, colors) may not work if the escape sequences do not correspond to the terminal used.

For more details about the TERMCAP environment variable, please refer to your UNIX operating system manual.