Using a text terminal

This section covers topics about text terminal configuration when using the TUI mode.

The TUI mode is enabled when setting the FGLGUI environment variable to zero.

Terminal type and terminal capabilities definition is not a Genero-specific configuration: TERM, TERMCAP and TERMINFO are also used by other UNIX™ applications and commands.

On UNIX platforms, the TERM environment variable must be set to define the terminal type/name. For example, if you execute the application in an xterm X11 window, set TERM=xterm.

On Windows® platforms, you can run applications in text mode inside a CMD console window. You must not set the TERM environment variable in this case.

Genero supports both termcap and terminfo implementations of text terminal capabilities. The INFORMIXTERM environment variable defines the type of library used to interact with the terminal. When INFORMIXTERM is set to termcap (the default), the runtime system reads terminal capabilities from the file defined by the TERMCAP environment variable. When INFORMIXTERM is set to terminfo, the runtime system uses the ncurses library of the operating system to interact with the terminal. We strongly recommend you to use the terminfo solution.