Prerequisites to run the debugger

Some requirements are needed before running the integrated debugger.

FGLPROFILE configuration option to disable the debugger

Make sure that the following FGLPROFILE entry is not defined, or defined as false:

fglrun.ignoreDebuggerEvent = false

In production environments, the fglrun.ignoreDebuggerEvent FGLPROFILE entry should be set for true.

Source file search path (FGLSOURCEPATH)

Before starting the debugger, make sure you have properly set the FGLLDPATH and FGLSOURCEPATH environment variable, to let the debugger find the source files.

In order to find source files, the debugger will search in the directories defined by FGLLDPATH. If the source file is not found, the search continues in the directories defined by FGLSOURCEPATH.

The FGLSOURCEPATH environment variable is provided to distinguish execution directories (containing .42m files), from source directories (containing .4gl files), when the sources are not located in the same directory as the pcode files.

UNIX™ example:
$ FGLSOURCEPATH="/usr/app/source:/home/scott/sources"
Windows® example:
C:\> set FGLSOURCEPATH=C:\app\sources;C:\scott\sources