Change the style of form elements.


   name STRING,
   style STRING )
  1. name defines the name of the node, see Identifying elements in ui.Form methods.
  2. style is the style name to be set.


Change the style of a form element with the setElementStyle() method.

Pass the identifier of the form element. The identifier is the element name as defined in the form definition.
Note: All elements with this name will be affected. If you want to distinguish all form elements, use unique names in the form definition file.

Depending on the attributes used in the style definition (.4st), changing the style of an element back and forth at runtime can lead to performance issues on the front-end side, when the style attribute results in complex rendering changes. As a general rule, consider modifying the style attribute once for the current form, before executing an interactive instruction (dialog). During a dialog, only change the style of leaf elements in the layout structure, such as labels, or small containers such as groups. Some style changes may not have any effect at all, when the GUI framework does not allow modifying the decoration once the widget is created.