Returns the current item having focus.




The getCurrentItem() method returns the name of the current form item having the focus.

  • If the focus is on an action view (typically, a BUTTON in the form layout), getCurrentItem() returns the name of the corresponding action. If several action views are bound to the same action handler with a unique name, there is no way to distinguish which action view has the focus.
  • If the focus is in a simple field controlled by an INPUT or CONSTRUCT sub-dialog, getCurrentItem() returns the [tab-name.]field-name of that current field. The tab-name prefix is added if a FROM clause is used with an explicit list of fields. No prefix is added if FROM screen-record.* is used or if BY NAME clause is used.
  • If the focus is in a list controlled by a DISPLAY ARRAY sub-dialog, getCurrentItem() returns the screen-array name identifying the list for a regular DISPLAY ARRAY. If the DISPLAY ARRAY is defined with the FOCUSONFIELD attribute, the method returns screen-array.field-name.
  • If the focus is in a field of a list controlled by an INPUT ARRAY sub-dialog, getCurrentItem() returns screen-array.field-name, identifying both the list and the current field. In some context, the current field is undefined. For example when entering the INPUT ARRAY sub-dialog, getCurrentItem() will return the screen-array only when in the BEFORE INPUT control block.