Sets the input buffer of the current field.


   value STRING )
  1. value is the text to set in the current input buffer.


In the default buffered input mode, this function modifies the input buffer of the current field; the corresponding input variable is not assigned. It makes no sense to call this function in BEFORE FIELD blocks of INPUT and INPUT ARRAY. However, if the statement is using the UNBUFFERED mode, the function will set both the field buffer and the program variable. If the string set by the function does not represent a valid value that can be stored by the program variable, the buffer and the variable will be set to NULL.

The fgl_dialog_setbuffer() function must be used in INPUT, INPUT ARRAY and CONSTRUCT blocks.

This function sets the modification flag for both FIELD_TOUCHED() and fgl_buffertouched() functions. There is a slight difference between both functions. The modification flag for fgl_buffertouched() is reset to FALSE when entering the field.

The function is especially useful in a CONSTRUCT instruction, because there is no variable associated with fields in this case.