Creates a random base64 string.


   size INTEGER )
  1. size defines the size of the random string.


This method generates a random string of binary data of size bytes long and returns it in a STRING encoded in a Base64 form.

The size must be greater than 0.

Use this function when randomness is required, such as in xml.CryptoKey.deriveKey() or security.Digest.CreateDigestString().

This method is based on OpenSSL, using /dev/random on UNIX® and CryptGenRandom() on Microsoft® Windows®, which are based on the cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator (CSPRNG) specifications.

In case of error, the method throws an exception and sets the STATUS variable. Depending on the error, a human-readable description of the problem is available in the SQLCA.SQLERRM register. See Error handling in GWS calls (STATUS).