Installing Genero BDL

This section provides Genero BDL installation instructions.

Different forms of installation programs are provided, as individual packages are bundled with other Genero components. Refer to the appropriate installation guide for a detailed description of the installation procedure. Do not hesitate to contact your support center if you need help.

The installation and licensing of Genero products requires you to read and accept the End User License Agreement, which can be found on the Four Js website at

After installing a package, it is recommended that you :

  1. Set the FGLDIR environment variable to the BDL installation directory.
  2. Add $FGLDIR/bin to the PATH environment variable, in order to run compilers and runtime system tools from the command line.
  3. Set the database client software environment (for example, INFORMIXDIR, etc)
  4. Set access path to database client software DLLs (PATH), or UNIX® shared libraries (LD_LIBRARY_PATH, SHLIB_PATH, LIBPATH)
  5. Depending on the database server you want to connect to, set up the correct database driver in FGLPROFILE. The default database driver is selected during the installation procedure.
  6. Depending on what rendering mode you want to use (text mode or graphical mode), you will have to set environment variables such as FGLGUI, FGLSERVER, TERM, INFORMIXTERM.
  7. If your application uses C-Extensions, a C compiler is required and you must recompile your C-Extensions as shared libraries.
  8. If your application uses the Java Interface, setup the required JDK environment.