Install Genero Mobile for Android

To build and package Genero Mobile for Androidâ„¢ (GMA) applications, you must first install GMA.

Before you begin:
Important: The GMA and Genero BDL X.YZ versions are interdependent. For example, GMA 1.30 is required to work with Genero BDL version 3.10, GMA 1.40 is required to work with Genero BDL 3.20.
  • Download Genero Mobile for Android (GMA) from the Four Js Web site.
  • Install Genero Business Development Language. See Installing Genero BDL for more details.
  1. Install the Java Development Kit (JDK).
    Important: To build Android apps, the minimum required JDK version is 8 (you can use JDK 11 for example). However, the gmabuildtool updatesdk command uses Android sdkmanager, which supports only JDK 8. Therefore, you need to setup a JDK 8 environment when updating the Android SDK. This limitation may disappear in future versions of the sdkmanager.
  2. Install Android SDK. Set the ANDROID_SDK_ROOT environment variable to the installation directory.
  3. Install the GMA buildtool and the GMA binary archive.
    They are provided in the GMA distribution archive (fjs-gma-*.zip).
    1. Create a directory (gma-install-dir) for the GMA development tools.
      $ mkdir /opt/fourjs/gma-1.30
    2. Extract the content of the Genero Mobile for Android package (fjs-gma-*.zip) into this directory.
      $ unzip -q -o -d /opt/fourjs/gma-1.30 fjs-gma-*.zip
    3. Add the gma-install-dir directory to your PATH environment variable, in order to find the gmabuildtool command.
  4. Execute the gmabuildtool updatesdk command.
    An internet connection is required.
    Important: Execute the gmabuildtool updatesdk command every time a new version of the GMA buildtool and GMA binary archive is installed.
  5. If you plan to publish your app on Google Play, register to Google Play as a developer and create a Google Play project.
  6. If you have installed Cordova plugins, you need to re-install the plugins with the --install-plugin option of gmabuildtool. For more details, see Installing Cordova plugins.