Column Video Attributes File (.att)

The .att database schema file contains the default video attributes of database table columns.


The .att file is generated by fgldbsch from the IBM® Informix® specific syscolatt table.

Important: The form field video attributes definition in the .att file is supported for backward compatibility. Do not use this feature in new developments.

This table describes the structure of the .att file:

Table 1. Structure of the .att file
Pos Type Description
1 STRING Database table name.
2 STRING Column name.
3 SMALLINT Ordinal number of the attribute record.
4 STRING COLOR attribute (coded).
5 CHAR(1) INVERSE attribute (y/n).
6 CHAR(1) UNDERLINE attribute (y/n).
7 CHAR(1) BLINK attribute (y/n).
8 CHAR(1) LEFT attribute (y/n).
9 STRING FORMAT attribute.
10 STRING Condition.