Ensure visibility of a form field.


   name STRING )
  1. name defines the name of the form field, see Identifying elements in ui.Form methods.


The ensureFieldVisible() method makes the given form field visible to the user. This method can for example be used to show a folder page by passing a field that is located in the folder page, even if the field is not used in a dialog.

The form field is identified by name, with an optional prefix (table.column or column).

This method does not give the focus to the field passed as parameter: The folder page or screen area shown by this method call is temporarily visible and can disappear at the next user interaction, depending on focus management.

For example, consider a folder having two pages. The focus is in a field on the first page. A call to the ensureFieldVisible() method makes the second folder page visible, passing a field located in the second page. When the user presses the TAB key, the focus goes to the next field on the first page, bringing the first page to the top. If you want to show a folder page and give the focus to a specific field in that page, you must explicitly give the focus to a field of the page, with NEXT FIELD.

The ensureFieldVisible() method is used for form fields. To show static form elements such as labels or images, use the ensureElementVisible() method instead.