Returns the SQL condition of a field used in a query by example dialog.


   name STRING )
  1. name is the name of the form field, see Identifying fields in ui.Dialog methods.


The getQueryFromField() method generates the SQL condition from the value entered in the field specified by the field-name parameter.

This method is used in the context of a construct dynamic dialog.

The result of this method can be used to build the WHERE part of a SELECT statement to find rows in a database.

Collect and concatenate field conditions returned from getQueryFromField(), then add AND or OR boolean operators to create an executable SQL query.

The SQL condition is generated based on the current type of database. The SQL syntax may vary depending on the target database. Therefore it is not recommended to reuse the generated SQL conditions. However, the user input of a query by example dialog can be reused for different types of databases (see ui.Dialog.setFieldValue and ui.Dialog.getFieldValue)