Get license information using GRE licenser

Get details about your Genero Report Engine (GRE) license using the Genero licensing graphical interface.

  1. Launch the Genero licensing user interface.
    • From within the Genero Report Writer product interface, launch it from the Tools > Genero Tools menu.
    • From the desktop select the Genero Report Engine Licenser application tool from your Four Js program list.

    The licensing page opens in your Web browser.

  2. View the licensing status. For example, Figure 1 shows a built-in license. This means that it is covered under the Genero Business Development Language installation. Because the DVM license is under maintenance, the GRE license is valid.
    Figure: Genero Report Engine Licenser

    Image shows a screenshot of the Genero Report Engine Licenser screen. The license status displayed shows the Genero Report Engine is licensed under the maintenance from the Genero BDL license.
  3. Click Quit Licensing to close the licensing application.