Get license information using greWrt

Get details about your Genero Report Engine (GRE) license using the greWrt command.

Important: If your installation directory is in the C:\Program Files path, you must run as administrator when you license the product. This avoids any permission issues.
About this task:
Use this procedure, for example, to find out the date the maintenance contract expires.
Tip: You can also use the procedure described in this topic to retrieve the installation number when you need to register the license and finalize the installation.
From a command prompt, enter the command:.
greWrt -a info license
Example of Genero Report Engine license information:

License      : (GRE Built-in license)
Product      : Four Js Genero Report Writer
Type         : Runtime version
CPU(s)       : CPU unlimited
Extension(s) :
        - DVM License under maintenance

In the example, the Genero Report Engine license is shown as built-in. This means that it is covered under the Genero Business Development Language installation, As the DVM license is under maintenance, the GRE license is valid.