Get maintenance key from Four Js website

You get the maintenance key from the Four Js website to ensure you have a valid maintenance key to install or update your product's license.

About this task:

If you can use the license controller -m auto option to install the maintenance key via the internet, (for example fglWrt -m auto), then you do not need to perform this task.

Before you begin:
You must also have the following:
  • Customer code
  • License number
  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Four Js web site.
  2. Navigate to the Support > License your products page and scroll to the Online maintenance section.
    Figure: Four Js Online Maintenance form

    The image shows the Online maintenance form on the License your products page on the Four Js web site at
  3. Complete the form making sure that everything is entered correctly and select Submit.
    A new page is displayed providing you with the maintenance key.

At this point, you need to install the maintenance key.