Install or update BDL maintenance key using GUI without internet

Without internet access, you register the license with Four Js from another machine via the internet, or by phone. Then use the Genero licensing graphical interface to install or update the maintenance key of your BDL product.

  1. From a machine with internet access, open a browser and navigate to the Four Js web site to get the maintenance key. See the procedure described in Get maintenance key from Four Js website.
  2. Launch the Genero licensing user interface.
    • From Genero Studio, select Tools > Genero Tools > Genero BDL Licenser.
    • From the Window Start menu, select the Genero BDL Licenser tool from your Four Js program list.

    The licensing page opens in a Web browser.

  3. Enter the maintenance key and click Update maintenance key.
    Figure: Example installing maintenance key

    Image shows the user interface with the maintenance key entered
  4. Click Quit Licensing to close the licensing application.