Install or update BDL maintenance key from the command line (via internet)

You can install or update the maintenance key of your BDL product using the command fglWrt -m auto.

Before you begin: You must have internet access to automatically install the maintenance key.

Important: If your installation directory is in the C:\Program Files path, you must run as administrator when you license the product. This avoids any permission issues.
  1. At the command line enter the command:
    fglWrt -m auto  
  2. When prompted, enter your customer code:
    Enter your customer code > 
  3. At the following prompt:
    Do you need to configure an HTTP proxy ? (y/n)
    Enter y if your access to the internet is through a proxy. Provide the required information for HTTP proxy, port, and authentication when prompted. Otherwise, enter n.
    The maintenance key is then retrieved from the Four Js Activation server and a message is displayed:
    Maintenance key installation successful.