The what, where, and when of installation

This topic covers what you should install (bundled software or individual packages) and where you should install it (server or workstation) based on what you want to do (development or production).

Software Bundle versus Individual Package

Genero software is provided as both software bundles and, for some products, as individual packages.

Individual packages include:
  • Genero BDL with Web Services (FGLGWS; or BDL - JGAS - GBC - GGC)
  • Genero Desktop Client (GDC)
  • Genero Application Server (GAS)
  • Genero Report Engine (GRE)
  • Genero Report Designer (GRD)

When you install individual packages, each package creates its own installation directory.

Software bundles include:
  • Genero Studio (GST + GRE + FGLGWS + GAS + GDC)
  • Genero Suite Server (Studio Server + GRE + FGLGWS + GAS)

When you install a bundle, the installation puts all of the Genero products in a single install directory, with child directories for each product included in the package (fgl, gas, gdc, gre and gst). You can opt during the installation to include or exclude any of the individual components when installing a bundle.

Installation for Development

For development, you can install the Genero Suite Client/Server software bundle on your local machine. This provides all the software you need, pre-configured to work together. You do not need a Web server for your development environment; you can use the standalone Genero Application Server to test your Web applications and Web services.

Installation for Production

For a production environment, you must use a Web server with the Genero Application Server. It is recommended that the Genero Business Development Language, Genero Application Server and your Web server sit on the same server host. The database can be on a separate machine, and the end-user client software will sit on the client machine (or be delivered to a browser that sits on the client machine). For more information, refer to the various User Guides to see different architecture scenarios.