The FGLDIR/lock directory

When using a local license, the license controller uses the FGLDIR/lock directory to store information (number of active users). A user running a BDL program must have access rights to this directory. Permissions can be restricted to specific users with FGLWRTUMASK.

This FGLDIR/lock directory must have access rights for any user running a BDL program. If it does not exist, it is automatically created.

Note: The FGLDIR/lock directory is not used when Genero is configured to use a license manager.

By default, the FGLDIR/lock directory is created with rwxrwxrwx rights, to let any user access the directory and create files. To restrict the access to a specific group or user, use the FGLWRTUMASK environment variable to force fglWrt to use a specific mask when creating the lock directory:


Important: The FGLWRTUMASK environment variable must be set for all users executing BDL programs, because the FGLDIR/lock directory can be re-created by any user at first BDL program execution.