Share files using the Genero SharedFile App

The Genero SharedFile App offers a secure way of managing file sharing with other registered users.

Enable the GIP

Before you can use the Genero SharedFile App, you need to configure and enable the Genero Identity Provider (GIP) on your GAS. You use the StarterApp to perform the installation of the GIP. For further details, see Setting up the Genero Identity Provider.

Provide the permissions to the users
To use the SharedFile app, a user must have the following permissions (scopes):
  • sharefile scope (for the SharedFile service). The Genero SharedFile App utilizes the SharedFile Service.
  • profile.query scope (for the Profile service). This allows users sharing files to select users.
  • profile scope (for the Profile service). This allows users to provide their profile information, making it visible to other users.
  • scope (for the Profile service). This allows users to log in to the ConsoleApp and update their personal profile (Users > Update me menu).
See Manage users for details of managing user scopes (permissions).
Create the SharedFile profiles for the users

Even if a registered GIP user has the correct permissions to access the SharedFile app, each user must create a profile within the SharedFile app. This is in addition to being registered within the GIP. When a user first accesses the SharedFile app, they will be asked to create a profile. After creating a profile, they can then use the application. They can only share files with other users who have profiles within the SharedFile app.

At a minimum, users need to have created a profile with at least their First name, Last name, and Email before sharing files with users.

  1. Start the Genero SharedFile App as an authorized user.
    The SharedFile App is located at http://host:port/gas/ua/r/admin/SharedFileApp.
    Tip: Select the Shared File Application link from the GAS demos page at http://host:port/gas/demos.html page.
  2. Upload the file.
    1. Click Upload.
    2. Use the Select your file to upload dialog to select a file from your system.
    The file is uploaded to a directory in your $(home)/.genero-sso/.shared directory. The file is listed in the My Files panel.
  3. Allow users access to the file.
    1. Select the Access rights panel on the right.
      The New access button enables.
    2. Click New access.
      The Select users page appears.
    3. Select one or more users to share the file with.
      To select multiple users, hold the CTRL key as you select.
    4. With the users selected, click OK to close the page and return to the SharedFileApp page.
    The Access rights panel on the right displays the users to whom you have selected for access.
  4. Share the file URL
    1. Select the file from the My files panel.
      The Public URL button enables.
    2. Click Public URL
    3. Use the Public URL dialog to copy the URL
    The URL can be sent to users by email.
  5. The receiving user can use the shared file URL to access the file.
    As the user receiving the URL, you have two options for accessing the file:
    • Log in to the SharedFile app and access the file by entering the URL in the Get Shared dialog.
    • Use the GetToken tool to retrieve the access token, then add the token to the shared file URL using the query string access_token=value: