Upgrade a Web service using Genero archive

Use this procedure to use Genero Archive to upgrade a Web service running on the GAS.

As a prerequisite, your services were previously deployed as an archive. You still have the requisite archive files (see Create Genero Archive or Create Genero Archive from MANIFEST.)

Note: Be aware that this method of upgrading a Web service may interrupt the service for a short period of time while you are disabling the old service and enabling the new one.
  1. Make the necessary modifications to the code of your Web services 4gl files and compile them.
  2. Create a new archive file using the fglgar tool.
    fglgar gar --output new_archive.gar
  3. To upgrade the Web service with the new archive, follow the procedures described in Upgrade an archive.

    After completing the upgrade procedure, the next request will start the new service.