Upgrade a Web service manually

Use this procedure to manually upgrade a Web service running on the GAS.

Warning: You need to be aware that this procedure involves manually overwriting the xcf file of the existing service with the configuration of the new service. This can lead to service inconsistency or corruption because the old archive may contain several xcf files, and may still be active for other services or applications. You are advised to proceed with caution.
  1. Make the necessary modifications to the code of your Web services 4gl files and compile them.
  2. Create a subdirectory for your service on the GAS. For instance, you can use a directory path like $(res.appdata.path)/my_service.

    You must not create a directory in the $(res.appdata.path)/deployment path as this is reserved for services deployed with Genero archive.

  3. Copy the new service files to the created directory.
  4. Create a configuration file (.xcf) that points to the directory where your service is located.
    Important: You need to give the configuration file the same name as your existing Web service.
  5. Copy the .xcf file manually to the $(res.appdata.path)/services directory, replacing the existing Web service configuration file.

    After completing the upgrade procedure, the next request for the Web service will detect the xcf file has changed and the GAS will start a new proxy to use the new service.