Set default GBC client with the Genero Deployment App

Use this procedure when you need to set the default Genero Browser Client on your Genero Application Server using the Genero Deployment App.

Before you begin:

As a prerequisite, you have deployed a GBC client on the GAS. See Deploy GBC client with Deployment App.


  1. Open the Genero deployment application.
    On a remote machine, you need to specify the appropriate URL for the server and port in your browser, for example:
  2. Select the Deploy > Genero Browser Clients ... menu.
  3. In the Manage Genero Browser Clients screen select the client you wish to set as default in the list and click on the Set as Default button.

    The default client is updated and the checkbox beside it is ticked.

Test the customized GBC is as expected. Open an application in a browser tab. Click on the Application information menu icon to open the Product identification pop up window. Details of the GBC in use are displayed.

If the application fails to load, see the troubleshooting topics in the Genero Browser Client User Guide.