Deploy and secure an app

Deploy and secure an application using the Genero Deployment App. This registers the application in the GIP.

Before you begin
You must have packaged your application into a Genero Archive. For more information about packaging a Genero Archive, see Understanding packaging with GAS.
Tip: A simple application such as the "price" application located in $FGLDIR/testing_utilities/ggc/src/quick-start/ggc-quick-start.gar can be used for the purpose of this quick-start.
  1. Start the Genero Deployment App as an authorized user.
    The DeploymentApp is located at http[s]://host:port/[gas/]ua/r/admin/DeploymentApp.
    Tip: Select the Deployment application link from the GAS demos page at http[s]://host:port/[gas/]demos.html.
  2. Deploy the .gar file.
    1. Select Deploy > Genero Archives ....
    2. Click Deploy.
    3. Use the Select your Genero Archive to deploy dialog to select your Genero Archive (.gar).
    The Genero archive deploys and is listed under Genero Archive(s).
  3. Set authorization and required scope for the app:
    1. In the Secured panel, select the row for the application, which you can find by looking for "price.xcf" in the XCF column.
    2. Click Configure.
      The configuration page appears.
    3. Under the Authorization tab, select the Role.User scope.
    4. Under the Required tab check that the scope, openid, is selected.
      At this stage no more scopes are needed by the application. A user with the Role.User scope can access your app. The app has the Openid API scope to handle user access via OpenID-Connect authentication and Single sign-on.
      Tip: If later you need to configure more user scopes, or scopes for services or APIs used by the app, you can return to this page, or from now on you can configure the registered app using the ConsoleApp.
    5. When finished, click Save.
      A dialog box will ask you to confirm your changes, click Yes.
      The application is secured by the Genero Identity Provider (GIP).
  4. Change the status of the app to Active.
    1. Select the row containing the deployed app.
    2. Click Enable.
    The status changes from Inactive to Active.
Test user access to the application:
At the browser, enter the application URL.
Note: The application deployed is named with the xcf, not the Genero Archive (.gar) file name. To get details of deployed applications run the gasadmin gar --list-archives command where the GAS is running.
For example, if you deployed the "ggc-quick-start.gar", the "price" application was deployed. You access it at http[s]://host:port/[gas/]ua/r/price:
  • Check that access to the application requires user login.
  • Check if the user you created in Create a user group and a user can access the application. The user gets an access is denied message. This is expected. In the next task, Set group authorization scopes, you will get to see how to authorize access for this user.