Create a user group and a user

The ConsoleApp provides a graphical user interface to work with user and groups. It is a component of Genero Identity Provider.

From the ConsoleApp, you can:
  • Create users.
  • Add users to a group.

The Genero Identity Provider (GIP) must be configured and enabled before it can be used - see Setting up the Genero Identity Provider.

  1. Log in to the ConsoleApp as administrator
    The ConsoleApp is located at http[s]://host:port/[gas/]ua/r/admin/ConsoleApp.
    Tip: Select the Console application link from the GAS demos page at http[s]://host:port/[gas/]demos.html page.
  2. Select Groups > New
  3. Enter the group name and description and click Create.
    It is good practice to name groups to reflect the role or function its users will perform. For example, the GIP has three default groups for users using the GIP, Administrator, Supervisor, and User. For other examples of creating groups effectively see Genero Identity Provider scenario. For the purpose of this quick start, name the group, "MyGroup".
  4. Create a new user and add the user to the group.
    1. Select Users > New
    2. In the New user page, enter a user name and password.
      For example, for the purpose of this quick start, call your user "UserA". Choose a simple password that is easy to remember for the user. The user will have to change the password later.
    3. When finished, click Register to save your changes.
      The user is registered with GIP and the User page opens.
      Note: The fields First name, Last name, and Email in this page need to be completed by the user logging in to the ConsoleApp to create a profile. See the Set group scopes for profile API for details of the scopes they need.
    4. Click Groups.
      In the List of groups user (UserA) belongs to page, select the group created in step 3.
      When finished, click Save.
      The user is a member of the group.