Specifying default GBC client for applications

A method for specifying a default GBC client for your applications using the _default file is described.

Before you begin

You created a customization project and you have a compiled version of the GBC front-end. The project sits in a project directory project_dir. See the Genero Browser Client User Guide.

About this task:

When testing or in development you just need to specify a default GBC client that all your applications can use without needing to alter or update your application configuration files.

All that is required in this case is that you have a text file called "_default" in your customization root directory, which contains the name of the client you want your applications to use. Then you specify the path to the root directory in one of the following ways:
  • In an override when starting the dispatcher. This is the method shown in this task.
  • Or you specify it in the GBC_LOOKUP_PATH element of the GAS configuration file (as.xcf).

Follow these steps to specify the default GBC.

  1. Create an empty file, named _default (with no extension), in your customization root directory.
    For example, the file is located in your project_dir/dist/customization/ directory.
  2. Using a text editor, specify the name of the customization to use.

    For example, to use a GBC customization named "red", the file would simply contain the following:


    In this example, red is the actual name of your custom_project_dir directory located in project_dir/dist/customization/.

Test the customized GBC is as expected. View an application in your browser by starting the standalone dispatcher from the command line using the override (-E) option, and specifying the path of the customization root directory:
httpdispatch -E res.path.gbc.user=C:\fjs\gbc\1.00.39\dist\customization
Open the application by entering the URL, for example:


If the application fails to load, see the Genero Browser Client User Guide.
For production environments, it is recommended to deploy the GBC and set the default client on your GAS installation using one of the following methods: