Deploy an archive with the Genero Deployment App

Use this procedure when you need to deploy an Genero Archive (gar) file on your Genero Application Server using the Genero Deployment App.

Before you begin:
  • Before you can use the Genero Deployment App, you need to configure and enable the Genero Identity Provider (GIP) on your GAS. You use the StarterApp to perform the installation of the GIP. The Genero Deployment App utilizes the Deployment Service. You must select these components in your GIP configuration at the time of installation. For further details, see Setting up the Genero Identity Provider.

  • You have created a Genero Archive (gar) file.

About this task:
The archive is unpacked in the $(res.appdata.path)/deployment directory.
Note: The application/service deployed is named with the xcf, not the Genero Archive (gar) file name.
  1. Open the Genero deployment application.
    On a remote machine, you need to specify the appropriate URL for the server and port in your browser, for example:
  2. Select the Deploy > Genero Archives ... menu.
  3. In the Manage Genero Archives screen click the Deploy button.
  4. Use the dialog that opens to locate the archive you wish to deploy.

    You can drag and drop your file into the dialog window.

    The new archive is deployed and displayed in the list.

All applications and services are deployed in the default group of the application server.